Lenten Series on Prayer


LATROBE, PENNSYLVANIA — Two Saint Vincent Seminary professors will present an adult Bible study on prayer in the Bible at 7:15 p.m. in the Rectory chapel at St. Bruno’s Church in South Greensburg on Wednesday evenings during Lent. The format will include a lecture followed by a coffee break and then an informal question-and-answer period.

Br. Benedict Janecko, O.S.B., is professor of Old Testament and the Hebrew language at Saint Vincent Seminary, where he teaches courses on Wisdom Literature and the Psalms. He received pontifical graduate degrees in Rome at the international Benedictine Atheneum of Saint Anselm (S.T.L.) and the Pontifical Biblical Institute (S.S.L.). He has published a book on the Psalms and articles on Wisdom Literature in The Bible Today.

Br. Elliott Maloney, O.S.B., is professor of New Testament Studies and Biblical Languages at Saint Vincent Seminary, where he teaches courses on New Testament Theology, Saint Paul and the Synoptic Gospels. He received the S.T.L. from the international Benedictine Atheneum of Saint Anselm in Rome and the Ph.D. in New Testament Studies from Fordham University in New York. He is a frequent contributor to The Bible Today and was a translator and revisor of the New American Bible Revised New Testament, the translation that is read in church on Sundays. He is presently writing a book on the eschatology of the Gospel of Saint Mark.

Both Br. Benedict and Br. Elliott also teach undergraduate classes in their biblical areas at Saint Vincent College and are popular lecturers in adult study, continuing education for clergy, spiritual retreats, permanent diaconate programs and in-service for Catholic educators.

The lectures include:

* Wednesday, March 7 — “The Psalms: Heartbeat of Life and Worship,” by Br. Benedict.* Wednesday, March 14 — “Saint Paul Teaches Us to Pray,” by Br. Elliott.* Wednesday, March 21 — “The Power of Songs (Psalms) to Transport and Transform People Today,” by Br. Benedict.• Wednesday, March 28 — “Jesus’ Prayer in the Gospel of Mark,” by Br. Elliott.