New Priest Christopher Henyk offers life to Christ, his church


It’s a commitment someone makes to their faith, joining the priesthood. Today in 2007 Youngstown a young man made that commitment after 11 years of hard work and study.


34 year old Christopher Henyk a native of the country of Poland, is dedicating his life to he church, entering the priesthood. The ceremony to become a priest is one that dates back thousands of years.

“The key part of the ceremony is when the Bishop imposes hands, lays his hands upon the head of the newly ordained. That is how in the ancient church the Holy Spirit was passed from one priest to another, so we continue that tradition and all the priests of the diocese gather around so that they may be a part of welcoming a new priest into our midst.”-Bishop George Murry Youngstown Catholic Diocese

Christopher tells us it has been a long journey, with years of dedication and study, but also a very fulfilling journey.

“It’s an amazing feeling now with the amount of people to thank and the love and everything I have received here. I’m not sure words can really describe the joy that is in my heart, and I am so thankful to so many people, most of all to Bishop Murry for accepting me into his diocese here.”-Father Christopher Henyk New Priest

Christopher’s parents and aunt made the trip from Poland. Father heynk becomes a priest at a time when many diocese in the U-S have experienced a shortage of those making that commitment to the Catholic Church.

“The number of young men going into the seminary and becoming ordained is lower than it was 20 or 30 years ago. So there is a shortage. We are very blessed in this diocese with a number of priests, but we still have to encourage and promote vocations.”–Bishop George Murry Youngstown Catholic Diocese

Father Heynk is the second priest ordained by Bishop Murry since he took over the Youngstown Diocese Last year