Statement of Bishop David A. Zubik on the Appointment of Father Timothy F. Whalen as Rector of Saint Vincent Seminary


Given the long-standing relationship between the Diocese of Pittsburgh and Saint Vincent Seminary in Latrobe, I am extremely pleased, that following the nomination of Father Whalen as Rector, the Bishop Members of the Board of Regents of the Seminary recommended the appointment of Father Timothy Whalen as Rector of Saint Vincent Seminary to the Chancellor, Archabbot Douglas Nowicki. I have known Father Whalen for nearly 40 years and know how gifted he is, how enthused he is about priestly formation and how well versed he is in it. As a priest of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Father Whalen has used his multiple gifts and talents in the service of the Church, particularly as Chancellor of Orchard Lake Schools in Orchard Lake, Michigan for more than a decade.

Many priests of the Diocese of Pittsburgh were blessed to spend their seminary days at Saint Vincent’s and the Diocese has always felt very close to the community here. We are particularly honored, and I am thrilled, that Father Whalen will be the rector of Saint Vincent Seminary.

Saint Vincent Seminary has given so much to the Church of Pittsburgh. We are so blessed that we can now give in return one of our sons and one of our priests to serve as rector. Father Whalen will serve Saint Vincent Seminary well, and we look forward to many years of continued good relations under his skillful and faith-filled leadership.

On a selfish note, it is also good to have him a little closer to home.