Dr. Mary Ann Boyarski Retires

Dr. Mary Ann Boyarski, a long-time member of the adjunct faculty at Saint Vincent Seminary, retired at the end of the fall 2021 semester. 

A farewell luncheon was held for her in DiPadova Hall, with members of the faculty and staff as well as students on hand to bid her farewell.

Dr. Boyarski received a bachelor of arts degree in psychology from Marquette University, a master of science degree in educational psychology from Queens College of the City University of New York, and a doctor of education degree in adult education from Temple University. 

Academic Dean Father Patrick Cronauer, O.S.B., said that “Dr. Mary Ann Boyarski can be epitomized with the following terms: fidelity, energy, passion, and dedication.

Fidelity: Dr. Boyarski began working with Saint Vincent Seminary in the mid-1990s by coordinating Seminary Faculty to teach in the Harrisburg Diocesan Institute Summer School. This began her 22-year-long relationship with the Seminary where in the 1999-2000 academic year she began teaching the Catechetics course, and she taught here until her retirement in 2021. Her expertise and knowledge of the need for and the methodologies for teaching the faith to the Church in the modern world were truly noteworthy and praiseworthy. Her student’s evaluations were very positive and supportive of her methodology, content, and effectiveness as a teacher.

Energy: In my eleven years as Academic Dean I always knew when Mary Ann and John, her husband, arrived at Saint Vincent for her class.They always stopped in the office to let us know that they had arrived and again before departing. Mary Ann was an animated and energetic teacher who took her part in the education of future Catholic priests very seriously.

Passion: It was Mary Ann’s passion that drove her and her teaching of Catechetics. Her passion was fueled by her own faith, her love for the Church, and her desire not only to share the Good News (Evangelization), but also her sincere desire to train others to do the same both in the Diocese of Harrisburg and at Saint Vincent Seminary.

Dedication: Mary Ann’s dedication to her work of Evangelization was the net result of her Fidelity, Energy, and Passion. This dedication, shared by her faithful friend, companion, and husband John, fueled Mary Ann, and John’s willingness to drive all the way from Harrisburg to Latrobe on a bi-weekly basis to teach her course for twenty-two years.

“Saint Vincent Seminary and two decades of its graduate priests are truly indebted to Dr. Mary Ann Boyarski for her contributions to the formation of good and faithful priest-catechists and evangelists,” Father Patrick concluded.

In addition to her work at Saint Vincent Seminary, Dr. Boyarski served on the staff of the Diocese of Harrisburg beginning in 1991. Her roles included directing the Office of Adult Religious Education, directing the Office of Continuing Education of Priests, which was later changed to the Office of Continuing Formation of Priests. She had also been involved with the National Organization for Continuing Education of Roman Catholic Clergy.