Father Boniface Hicks, O.S.B., Has New Book

The latest book by Father Boniface Hicks, O.S.B., director of the Saint Vincent Seminary Institute for Ministry Formation, is a 33-day preparation for total consecration to Jesus. Entitled The Fruit of Her Womb, and published by The Sophia Institute Press, the book is available through Archabbey Publications, www.stvincentstore.com, and retails for $18.95.

Saint Louis de Montfort inspired a spiritual revolution in teaching about Marian consecration and created a 33-day plan to help those interested in deepening their relationship with Jesus.

“This consecration teaches us that we have a sweet, loving, perfect Mother who actually wants to live in this intense relationship with us,” said Father Boniface. “And so, if we accept Mary’s invitation to this relationship, we will find all the healing and happiness we have always longed for.”

The book is intended to be followed slowly as a step-by-step instruction. The first 12 days include “emptying yourself of the spirit of the world,” followed by a week on self-knowledge, a week dedicated to knowledge about Mary and a final week on knowing Jesus. The short, personal chapters are meant to be studied in as little as ten minutes a day, with two readings, an image of the Blessed Mother, a reflection and then a prayer. Two appendices at the end include Montfort’s consecration and some additional prayers.

“This is the most powerful consecration to Jesus through Mary that I have ever done,” wrote Sister Thérèse Marie Iglesias, T.O.R., in an endorsement for the book. “It is a sweet and life-changing journey.”

Father Donald Calloway, M.I.C., author of Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father, writes, “Father Boniface offers us a wonderful program of consecration that employs the wisdom of sacred Scripture, popes and saints.”

“Father Boniface brings a new freshness to de Montford’s time-honored Consecration. This book is truly a needed and accessible Marian Consecration for our times,” notes Alicia Goodwin, director, Marian Servants of Divine Providence.

Other books by Father Boniface include Through the Heart of St. Joseph, and, with Father Thomas Acklin, O.S.B., Personal Prayer: A Guide For Receiving The Father’s Love and Spiritual Direction: A Guide for Sharing the Father’s Love.