Seminary Develops New Certificate Program In Catholic Theology

Last spring, Saint Vincent Seminary announced a new 18-credit certificate program in Spiritual Direction, offered via its Institute for Ministry Formation. The program provides formation for laity, clergy and religious who are discerning a call to serve the Church through offering spiritual direction. The program can be completed over the span of two years. This year, at its spring meeting, the Seminary Board of Regents approved a second 18-credit certificate program, this one in theology.

The certificates are designed to equip students with core theological, spiritual, and pastoral formation for use in active ministry or to pursue more advanced graduate studies. The programs are flexible so as to accommodate those working in active ministry and/or the working professional. Courses are mainly online and can be taken in any sequence unless otherwise specified. Students may elect to complete their studies with a certificate, or they may elect to apply these credits as a specialization in the Master of Arts in Theology degree program.

Learning Outcomes for the Certificate in Catholic Theology

• Students will attain a broad knowledge in core foundational theology.
• Students will gain a working concept of theology and doctrine as they apply to practical ministry.

Admission Requirements

• A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university indicating an aptitude for advanced study.
• Two letters of recommendation from those who can assess your academic, professional/ ministerial, and/or spiritual goals.
• Official transcripts from all post-secondary coursework.
• A personal interview with the Institute for Ministry Formation Director, if requested.• The score of a recent Graduate Record Examination, if requested.

Two courses in Scripture are required, for a total of four credits. They include IMTH 730 The Synoptic Gospels, and one of either IMTH 740 Johannine Literature or IMTH 745 The Letters of Saint Paul.

Three theology courses are required for a total of six credits. They include IMTH 700 Fundamental Theology, IMTH 710 Christology and Anthropology, and either IMTH 720 Catholic Social Doctrine, IMTH 715 Fundamental Moral Theology, IMTH 725 Sacramental Theology and Liturgy or IMTH 735 Scripture and Liturgy.

Two classes are required in Ecclesial and Pastoral Ministry for four credits, Among courses offered are IMTH 705 Creation and the Christian God, IMTH 755 Marriage and Sexuality, IMTH 760 Ecclesiology and Mariology, IMTH 775 Pastoral Leadership, IMTH 770 Pastoral Care of the Sick, IMTH 750 Theology of the Body, or IMTH 765 Introduction to Canon Law.

Two additional courses for four credits can be taken in Scripture, Theology, Ecclesial and Pastoral Ministry, Spiritual Direction, and Missiology as offered.

A typical course of studies would allow for two, two-credit courses in the fall and spring of the first year, one two-credit course in summer, and two, two-credit courses in the fall and spring to complete the 18 credits.
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