The IMF Is Growing!

This fall the IMF will offer four Certificate programs. Specialty areas are:
Spiritual direction is the cornerstone for the renewal of the Church and the spiritual lives of individual Catholics. We offer the best in spiritual and theological formation through writing, videos, talks, retreats, workshops, courses, certificates and degree programs. Join us to become part of a new generation of spiritual companions and spiritual directors.
Our Catholic theology certificate gives every student a strong academic and pastoral foundation to serve in ministry. Our Catholic theology curriculum provides a well-rounded formation in Catholic thought and practice. When stacking it with one of our specialization certificates the student can be awarded a Masters in Ministry degree.
With courses in prayer, scripture and theology, the student receives a well-rounded formation in which to situate the courses more specifically dedicated to the pneumatological dimensions of evangelization, conversion, growth in the Spirit, and the practical application of the charisms of the Holy Spirit in ministry.
The Institute for Ministry Formation certificate in Catechetics takes a scriptural, liturgical, contemplative approach to catechesis. The contemplative dimension is necessary for fostering the proper disposition in the heart of the catechist. The catechist must be a person who knows Jesus Christ personally. This certificate is also firmly grounded in the developmentally-appropriate approach developed by Maria Montessori and Sofia Cavaletti for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.
Stack a specialty certificate (Spiritual Direction, Renewal Leaders, or Catechetics) with the Catholic Theology for an MA in Ministry:
Certificate programs are open to ordained clergy, seminarians, religious, and lay students. Courses are mainly online and can be taken in any sequence Students may elect to complete their studies with these certificates, or they may elect to apply these credits as “stackable” in the Master of Arts in Ministry degree program (36 Credits).
To receive the M.A. in Ministry, students must pair an 18-credit specialized certificate, such as the Certificate in Spiritual Direction, with the 18-credit Certificate in Catholic Theology. Additional items must also be completed to receive the degree.
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