Seminary Web Page Launched

LATROBE, PENNSYLVANIA – Saint Vincent Seminary now has a presence on the Internet with the recent launch of its home page.

“As we enter the dawn of the new millennium, it is appropriate that we use new technologies to communicate our Seminary’s mission,” said John C. Marous, Jr., Chairman of the Seminary Board of Regents.

“In the short time the site has been online, I have already heard from people who have accessed all of the information about Saint Vincent Seminary,” said Father Thomas P. Acklin, O.S.B., Seminary Rector. “That accessibility puts the latest news about our Seminary out there and allows us to communicate our mission in a stronger way.”

The Seminary web page includes sections on the Saint Vincent campus, Seminary events, some history links, news releases, back issues of the Seminary newsletter, e-mail links to Seminary administration, staff and students, and a stewardship section.

The links section features a page on each of the dioceses, archdioceses and abbeys sending students to the Seminary. By following a link to that diocesan or abbey page, visitors can click on the header and be transported to those diocesan and abbey sites, provided there are such. There are also photos of each bishop, archbishop or abbot, and photos of the diocesan and Benedictine classes for the past two years.The faculty section shows photos and credentials of the faculty, and also lists adjunct faculty members.

The Seminary course description and program catalogue has recently been completed, and much of the updated information from this publication is also available on the website. For example, tables list the programs of study. Thus, persons interested in taking a course can click their computer mouse on the appropriate category, such as theology or Sacred Scripture, see the course listings for that category, then click on a course and see a description of it.

The navigation bar also provides links to the other Saint Vincent websites, including that of the Archabbey, which features a weekly reflection on the Sunday Gospels. Please note that while the Saint Vincent College web address includes “www,” the Seminary and Archabbey pages do not. A shortcut page leads to a page linking all three sites. A website for Saint Vincent Parish, which will feature a virtual tour of the Archabbey Basilica, is still in development.